Puke & Snot / #next364 #rednose

1975 P & SPhoto from Puke and Snot’s Timeline:

This is how I remember Puke & Snot when I first saw them at the MN Renaissance Festival as a patron in 1975.  I happened upon a crowd of people encircling two sword fighters who were already in the middle of their show. It was fractured Shakespeare, combined with pop culture references to the recently released, Monty Python and The Holy Grail. As the years passed most of their jokes changed, and the quality of their comedy became refined, but the chemistry between them was already well established that first year.

Because they only performed in the lanes it was impossible for the audience to find them except by accident. In fact even as a participant it was years before I ever caught the beginning of their show. I was siting alone on a hay-bail eating my lunch when suddenly Puke & Snot walked up and began an impromptu comic banter of insults back and forth, until I found myself on the inner circle of a huge crowd that spontaneously appeared.

In 1982 their show times were finally printed in the program due to audience complaints. Because Puke & Snot still only performed in the lanes the Festival scheduled them at landmarks that people could easily find like the Bear, or the Maypole. The audience would gather a half-hour early to get a good seat. It was surreal to see a giant crowd silently looking at a pole.

In 1983 they were finally given stage slots and the rest is history.