Zilch & Monkey Boy / #next354 #rednose

Terri Foy & Todd Menton

Photo by Peter Dansky:

Pictured here are two of my contemporaries, Terry Foy and Todd Menton. Terry started at the MN Renaissance Festival in 1975, and Todd began the same year as I did in 1976. Today at the Festival Todd opens for Puke & Snot, as well as touring internationally with the band Boiled in Lead. Terry is of course Zilch the Torysteller, who performs at Renaissance Festivals across the United States.

When we began our Renaissance careers Monty Python and The Holy Grail had just been released, and I remember waking up to Terry Foy’s gravedigger character, Zilch pushing a squeaky wheelbarrow, and ringing a bell shouting, “Bring Out Your Dead!” every morning at sunrise.

In those days it seems we livid out the fantasy of the Festival every waking moment.