Joe Kudla aka: Sir Thomas Snot / #next364 #rednose

joe1Photo from Puke & Snot website:

Joe Kudla who played Snot in the famed comic duo of Puke & Snot died in 2008 just before the MN Renaissance Festival opened that season.   I remember the opening day when John Gamoke took over as Snot Jr., Rosie and sat in the audience as Joe’s words still got laughs from beyond the grave through John’s capable voice.

I have fond memories of traveling on the road with Puke & Snot as their opening act. One winter driving to an American Legion Hall in Elgin, Minnesota stands out with the most clarity. I was riding in the back seat of Mark Sieve’s Audi, enjoying heated leather seats, and listening to his surround sound music system, while Mark talked about the dangers of rural Minnesota, claiming, “This is where the crazy people live.”

After the show when Mark was looking to back out from the alley behind the American Legion Hall, he discovered a deposit of human feces had been unloaded on his driver’s side door blocking the view to his mirror. After indignantly cleaning off the fresh poop from his precious Audi, Mark silently drove while Joe could not stop laughing all the way home about, “The mad crapper of Elgin.”

The last time I performed with Joe was for a benefit I produced at the Jewel Theatre above TC Magic, to help Mikael Rudolph in his fight against cancer. It was the last Puke & Snot show that Joe performed in Minnesota.