The Egghead with Skull / #next364 #rednose

#2 The-Egghead-With-SkullPhoto by Marc Norberg:

The is the second picture that I’m posting on my blog from the same photo shoot with Marc Norberg.  This photo represents a very dark period of my career.

I first thought of this character after I had returned home to Minnesota from directing the Disney Entertainment Arts Festival in Florida.  He was a character I wrote into a play called “Which Came Last The Chicken Or The Egg?”  I was going to play The Egg and Rosie was going to play The Chicken.

Before we ever had a chance to mount the show, our second daughter Katya died at six days old.  I remember Rosie and I each needed to grieve in our own way.

My way of processing my grief was through my art.  I’ve always believed that clowning is a healing art.  I premiered The Egghead at the first Minnesota Fringe Festival in 1994.