The Egghead / #next364 #rednose

Egghead with Crystal Egg

Photo by Marc Norberg:

I guess I’m on a Marc Norberg binge.  Whoever has been following these posts on my new blog, knows that he has taken some extraordinary pictures.   Marc has captured Rosie and I in his photographs throughout our entire career together, which has been the gift of a lifetime.

This photo session took place in 1994.  Makeup wizard Crist Ballas created my prosthetic egg shaped head and was present at this photo shoot with Marc.  It was interesting being in the same room with two geniuses doing what they do best.

The Egghead is a character I created and perform on the US Fringe Festival circuit from 1994 to 1996.  I was the first artist to sign up for the first Minnesota Fringe Festival.  The founder, Bob McFadden telephoned me and said, “Congratulations you’ve made history, you’re this first artist to apply.”

I asked, “Has anybody else contacted you?”

Bob replied, “No, not yet.”

I felt like the first person to arrive at a party, wondering if anybody else was going to show up.  Now of course our Minnesota Fringe is the largest Festival of its kind in the United States.