Sean Patrick Fagan at Disney / #next364 #rednose

SwimmerDisney Photo 1992©

Sean was the most challenging of my apprentices at Disney, because throughout the summer he tirelessly kept challenging himself.  We had a common love for Commedia dell’Arte, so I encouraged him to explore the power of the mask in his Streetmosphere® work with the public.  At first he performed with traditional Italian Commedia style masks such as Arlecchino and Pantalone, but when he finally came up with Scuba Seano is when his performances truly blossomed.

There was a patch of beach sand landscaped around a swimwear shop that Sean transformed into his personal sandbox to play inside.  Eventually he developed a full street show, where he would gather a crowd and then select members of the audience to assist him in staging an elaborate set-up that ended with him upside down with his head in a bucket full of water, to huge applause.

Today, Sean lives in upstate New York, with his wife, and two-year old daughter.  After many years of making his living on the road he has settled down and established his own circus arts program called, Circus Theatrix, and conducts summer camps where he teaches circus and theater.

Recently Sean contacted me, and asked me to direct him in a new show.  I look forward to the opportunity to work with him again. Below I’ve included a couple photos of the earlier characters that he developed and performed at Disney.


ARLECCHINOArlecchinoDisney Photo 1992©

PANTALONEOld ManDisney Photo 1992©