From Climate Change

Battling Climate Change / #next364 #rednose


Events that occurred on the third day of my #next364 writing project defined the direction of my upcoming year as an artist. My day began dressed in clean clothes for a production meeting next door at my neighbors Kevin Kling, and Mary Ludington’s house. We were meeting about a fundraiser for to help in their battle against climate change.

The driving force behind last summer’s project was Mary. She wanted help producing a show called Full Moon Circus to raise money and consciousness about climate change in our community. She explained that Kevin Kling was being brought in because the Koch Brothers fueled opposition was winning the battle of the story.

Mary explained, “We need storytellers that can do a better job of telling our side of the story.”

“Let’s do it,” I said

Mary sprang up saying, “Great, let me change into my paint clothes before we go.”

“Paint clothes?”

My day ended in a warehouse painting protest signs for an upcoming anti-climate change march on the MN State Capital. Planted that day was the seed of an idea that became my new play, The Land of Clowns.

To Be Continued…


Special Note: This story is part of my #next364 project where I spent a year publishing daily posts to my blog celebrating the spirit of the clown.  Over the course of a year I generated enough material to make into a book. In fact I’m making it into a book.    You can follow my progress here at My current step is to revisit the past year of posts to polish, edit and shape the written material into a future book.