Walking My Talk / #next364 #rednose


This is the day I began walking my talk. It was a year ago, and I’m pictured here on my way to a march on the Minnesota State Capital against Climate Change, organized by www.MN350.org.

I have a long history of civil protests. In 1971 I marched against the Vietnam War. At the 2008 RNC National Convention in St Paul I wore a Dick Cheney body puppet, dressed in prison stripe, walking in a chain gang with George W. Bush. I even performed my first Medicine Show on the streets of Occupy MN, but nothing compares to the battle against Global Warming. The greatest human folly of our age is the self-inflicted wound of Climate Change.


My job was to transport all the protest art to the march.

3-Protest-300x2251It’s amazing how all that art fit in my van.

Special Note: This story is part of my #next364 project where I spent a year publishing daily posts to my blog celebrating the spirit of the clown.  Over the course of a year I generated enough material to make into a book. In fact I’m making it into a book.    You can follow my progress here at www.LloydBrant.com. My current step is to revisit the past year of posts to polish, edit and shape the written material into a future book.