Original Bad Manor / #next364 #rednose

Original Bad Manor

This is a classic photo that I found floating around Facebook of the original Bad Manor at the MN Renaissance Festival.  Patrons were required by the proprietor, David Christopherson to exhibit bad manners when entering his establishment.  It was one the best executions of living history that I’ve ever witnessed.  In the back there was a functioning metal forge, and out front wafted the smell of food slow cooking over the fire all day.

I remember once when someone tried to clean the windows, David Christopherson immediately stopped them, then scooped up a handful of mud, and began smearing it back on the freshly cleaned glass while muttering, “it took years to build-up the dirt on these windows.”

At night was when the real magic began.  As the forge cooled participants paid six-bits each to feast on the warm food that had been cooking over the fire all day.