Flying Karamazov Brothers on Witchwood / #next364 #rednose



Photo by Brian Alexander:

This photo is of The Flying Karamazov Brothers performing on Witchwood Stage in the late 1970s. I remember they would gather their crowd by standing abreast with the first brother simply standing with his arms crossed, the second brother juggling one ball while miming a three-ball pattern, and the third brother playing a pimply revelry on a broken bicycle horn, with his lips against the threaded end where a rubber bulb was once attached. The scene was so surreal from a distance that every patron within visual sight would instantly gather at Witchwood and watch some of the finest variety entertainment on one of the most intimate stages anywhere on the circuit.

Since that time there has been a giant rocking horse placed to obscure the panoramic view of our stage, but I never minded because I felt it added to the family friendly nature of the area. Often after the show I have a father come-up to me and tell me that when he was a child his father would bring him to see our show, and now he brings his own children; or a grandfather will approach to tell me that he used bring his children and now brings his grandchildren. Studies have shown that the best way to inspire the young to love and appreciate the arts is by creating this kind of bridge between generations.

Unfortunately, today families have to thread the needle between two former craft booths framing our stage that have been transformed into a Hookah Den, and a Beer Pub, which also hosts the Pub Crawl multiple times a day.  Having said that I believe that Witchwood Stage is still one of the best stages on the Renaissance circuit, where you can create real magic for the audience. Rosie and I are going to miss our home nestled in the woods when the Festival moves.