Ed and Sophie / #next364 #rednose

Rosie Cole's photo.Photo by Rosie Cole (selfie):I would like everyone to meet Ed and Sophie.  Originally these where characters Rosie and I played on Halloween when we were young.  We basically played ourselves as an old married couple on the edge of Alzheimer’s.

Later they became characters in our Waldorf circus.  Traditionally they were coveted roles by the 8th grade who loved dressing up as old people in nerd glasses. Ed and Sophie would always arrive late and interrupt the Ringmaster as they struggled to find their seats in what was always a sold out house.

After 20-years Ed and Sophie developed an even longer pedigree in our circus.  I would write them into the script as an old returning circus act that would arrive late to the show in the hope of reliving their past glory.

This picture is of Rosie and I before a City of Lakes Waldorf School fund raiser. Rosie and I arrived late to the event imitating the well-known characters from our circus.  But in reality, we were imitating two characters that had always been an imitation of us as an old married couple.  It was art imitating life that originally we had created as an imitation of our own life.

It was a surreal evening.