Disney Entertainment Arts Festival / #nest364 #rednose

Edited Disney LogoIn 1992, I was selected as show director of theater for the Disney Entertainment Arts Festival in Florida. Mark Sieve of Puke and Snot recommended me for the position. It was a pet project of CEO Michael Eisner, and a dream gig for me.

This post will be the first in a series about my directing career. Disney was not my first public-show as a director, but it does mark a clear beginning. There is my life before Disney, and my life afterwards.

Lloyd Portrait

You can see by this picture that I was a very young. During my time at Disney, Rosie and I were also performing on the national Renaissance circuit. I lived in Orlando, while Rosie and Liza lived in our trailer at a string of Renaissance Festivals across the country.  I would work Monday through Friday at Disney, and perform weekends with Rosie on-the-road. I racked up a lot of miles with Delta Airlines that year.

cast shotDisney 1992®

This official portrait of my cast was taken on a weekend so I’m not in the photo, but if you look close you can see that my spirit is present.