Catching a Dream / #next364 #rednose

Lloyd in Spot

Photo by Marc Norberg:

This summer I’ve spent alone. Rosie has been in Toronto all month studying Waldorf Education, and Gabe has been at the Colorado Renaissance Festival. Rosie returns next week, and I’m excited that Liza will also be visiting from Colorado, and even Gabe will make a pit stop to pick up his student-housing lease before taking off for U of W in Milwaukee.

I’ve spent most of my time writing, which is a cautionary tale. Be careful what you wish for because it might come true. Both my mother and father were writers, and I’ve always secretly dreamed of becoming a writer myself.  Well…   I now have a literary agent; two book projects; and a play that I will be collaborating with Kevin Kling on in 2016.

Starting this blog is a result of my agent, Dawn Frederick’s recommendation. I’m told that it’s important to establish a platform as an author, so this blog is the result. I will be posting short excerpts from my writing projects in the future.  As Dawn would say, “I’ve just been getting my footing up to this point.”

Look for my daily posts to read more.