Already Missing Jon Stewart / next364 #rednose

Jon Stewart Pop Art

Today I woke-up mourning the loss from my daily life of the most important comic voice of the age. Over coffee with my family I abruptly screamed and banged my head against our oak table. Remaining facedown I rambled on about how Jon Stewart leaving The Daily Show has now left a huge vacuum in America’s national discourse.

It has been a ritual to never miss The Daily Show. Jon Stewart’s commentaries have shined a beacon of sanity on our crazy world. Everyday I looked forward to his wry wit illuminating whatever hypocrisy was infecting the daily news cycle. He has been our comic antibody against the corrupt corrosive elements in government, the media, and all power centers that he directed his razor sharp satire.

Throughout America’s history we have had many wise fools, from Mark Twain to Will Rogers.   When the next history books are written, Jon Stewart will be listed among the Pantheon of what I like to call, “The Great American Fool.”

We are going to miss you Jon…