A Life of Serious Nonsense / #next364 #rednose

1st Serious Nonsense postcard

Photo by Marc Norberg / Graphic Design by Fred Baisch:

This is a promo postcard from our show A Life of Serious Nonsense that premiered at the Jewel Theatre above Twin Cities Magic when it was downtown St Paul.

This was the second full evening show that I wrote for Rosie and I.  We were also very lucky to again have Josette Antomarchi as the director of the show.  We were lucky to have sold out for the entire run, due to a perfect storm of press.

Jewel Theatre Press

I think when I look back at this show, I realize what was history making for Rosie and I personally is that this was the show that we first introduced our Emergency Clown Nose®.  Our US Trademarked clown nose in a medicine jar was a central prop in the show, as well as sold to the public after the show.  Now our Emergency Clown Nose® is sold in all 48 of the lower United States.


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