A Bucket On My Head / #364 #rednose

Rosie & Lloyd with bucketPhoto by Marc Norberg:

This picture always makes me laugh. I’m the guy with a bucket on his head. It was taken during the first photo session that Rosie and I had with Marc Norberg as a comedy team.

It’s 1984, and we had just developed our two-person act. This routine was adapted from a slapstick routine in my one-man show.   I’m still in my twenties here, which is the era I performed bone-crushing pratfalls. When I turned thirty I began to eliminate my more brutal routines from the show, because I wanted to develop a body of work that I could perform over what I hoped would be a long career with Rosie.

My middle-aged body is now thanking my younger-self for thinking ahead to a future I’m lucky to be living in today. I’ve had the pleasure of performing with Rosie, as a husband and wife comedy team for over thirty-years, and I’m looking forward to a long career with her.