2nd EMERGENCY CLOWN NOSE® Pick / #next364 #rednose

#1 Patch Adams Movie

Patch Adams is the 2nd Emergency Clown Nose® pick of my series of public figures wearing red noses that I plan to post on my blog through Christmas.  I started this series with Einstein in a clown nose.  By setting the bar so high, I knew my second choice had to be the wisest clown of my generation, Robin Williams. 

In this series I will explore the noble as well as ignoble clown.  Each day I’ll post a different person that either delights in playing the clown in public, or that the public has unfortunately chosen to paint as a clown

Robin Williams chose to live the life of a noble clown dispensing a brand of humor that heals.  Unfortunately, all humor is rooted in suffering.  My heart broke the day that Robin died.