21st EMERGENCY CLOWN NOSE® Pick / #next364 #rednose

Laurel & Hardy with Flaming Thumb

The 21st Emergency Clown Nose® pick of the season goes to the Laurel & Hardy.  In this series I’m exploring the noble as well as ignoble clown.  Each day through Christmas look for posts to my blog, www.LloydBrant.com, of a different public figure that either delighted in playing the clown, or that the public has unfortunately chosen to paint as a clown.

As a child I loved watching Laurel & Hardy on Sunday morning television. Their snowball comedy awakened me to a type of humor that still influences me. Even though their slapstick was sometimes brutal, Laurel & Hardy’s warm hearts and clear love for each other is the yardstick, in which I measure my own work to this day.